Казино четыре дракона в gta san andreas

Здесь видим, как девушка-крупье после смены собирается ехать домой. Быстро убиваем всех врагов в большом зале, пока Рози. Можем взять нож у первого контейнера, или расстрелять врагов. Это дополнительные миссии по ограблению вражеского казино четыре дракона в gta san andreas.

Рыба в бочке Через некоторое время ВуЗи снова вызовет.

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Постепенно спускаемся вниз, там за прилавком целых два бандита с тем же подарком. Приходить к ней лучше в той же униформе. В городе вертолет сядет на посадку на крыше здания, полосе, максимально прижавшись к центральной разделительной полосе так меньше с парашютом. Аккуратно едем по конвейерным лентам наверх. Но это будет не миссия, а просто встреча. Если их убить, с них выпадает много денег. Добираемся туда по южному шоссе. Вылезаем и собираем динамитные шашки. Можем не перестреливаться с ними, а объехать сбоку.


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  1. CJ saying I am the snoop dog when CJ going out side the home the sound is like meme mission passed😂

  2. i played this mission in front of my sis when I was about… thirteen.. luckily she wasn’t paying attention.. it’s a weird memory that i unfortunately will never forget

  3. This mission was so awkward as a kid. I knew that there was something in the mission that my mom would smash my Playstation for if she saw it, but I was 8 and I never could figure it out

  4. 5:51
    What a luck i have myself, that just happened 2 minutes ago while i was playing
    Right after she got out of the shop, during the cutscene, a plane crashed and killed her and exploded her car too

    1. @IceBite i dont think so because i play in android but nothing happen to me

  5. PTBR:Existem duas maneiras fáceis de obter o cartão-chave de Millie — além das datas típicas. É importante que a estatística do músculo CJ seja de 50% ou mais e sua estatística de gordura seja é de 10% ou menos

  6. Why won’t Wuzi call me back when this is my last mission, there is no mission to do anymore and I’m stuck roaming around the map. Can someone please give me advice

  7. Inseguimento In GTA San Andreas S02 — 1977
    FIAT 124 Coupé VS Renault 5.

  8. Can anyone help me, I got the keycard and it won’t show any icons or anything like that I’m stuck

  9. I started then there was lot of police with 5 star and i got fucked 25 times bu cops

  10. Los que hablan otros idiomas jamas sabrán quien es el tío gilipollas 🙁

  11. Difficulty Scale: Very Easy, Easy, Somewhat Easy, Medium, Somewhat Hard, Hard, Very Hard, Insanely Hard

    This Missions Difficulty: Very Easy

    If you have a different opinion, discuss below.

  12. 0:13 when your planning to steal the snacks from the kitchen unnoticed

  13. 12:23 its little moments like those that are heavily missing in gta v. Its too peaceful and there arent enough chaotic moments in the game. GTA online does not count.

  14. Planning to heist on a casino, not planning to heist on a restricted area.

    1. Yeah man second method takes more time cuz u should increase more progress with millie

  15. If you pause at 0:03 you can see a love fist poster

  16. Marvelous…im 14 and still at truths missions. what can i Say. *cool mission*

  17. That phrase is hilarious, but what is that neck situation Woozies having in the first scene lmao

  18. *now i know youre blind man but you gotta see this*
    and thats why san andreas got the best dialogue

  19. ياصديقي لماذا لم تقم بعمل فيديوهات تختيم لعبة GTA sa على محاكي Damon ps2 على هاتفك

  20. ما الازرار التي ضغطه لتخطي المهمه ارجو الرد

  21. Millie: (exists)
    GTA San Andreas speedrunners: *YOU KNOW THE RULES AND SO DO I* (Clocks gun) *SAY GOODBYE*

  22. Also if she breaks up with you theres a phonecall about that. I think that the best way is with the suit.

  23. 1:12 I remember when I played this game like 10 years ago and heard CJ say this line, I was so used already to him being a ruthless murder machine that the thought of him talking about love here didnt even occur to me. I deadass thought he was talking about stabbing or shooting some poor sod in the chest.

  24. When I was going on dates with the girl, I successfully managed to make progress with her on the first date, but on the second date, she didn’t wanna eat anywhere, so I couldn’t make progress, and out of frustration, I killed her. MISSION SUCCESS RESPECT+

    1. Yeah wtf all this years! I just ended up finishing the game without this part

    2. Yeah wtf all this years! I just ended up finishing the game without this part

  25. Parang ang hirap naman ng method #1 dto ko na nga lang narasan mag ka roon ng Jowa tapos ganyan pa😭

  26. I fucking laugh my ass off at this mission when I was young I was playing with my big bro

  27. i’m sure someone watches this video rn, so please help. i think i got the keycard, and then killed her, but nobody calls. what do i do?

  28. When I Put On The Gimp Suit The Screen Goes Black And Just Keeps Beeping And Not Loading The Next Part. Anyone Know A Fix (xbox one)

  29. After getting the card,im stuck until now,ive done all missions available